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In addition to our property inspection and premium audit products, Property and Casualty of the Southwest, Inc offers a number of analytic services that can help identify trends and patterns that may go undetected at the individual inspection level.

Businesses today have an incredible amount of data available at their fingertips – some might call it data overload. Yet, if this data is not being analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis, you might be missing out on key information and trends that could benefit your business.

For instance, if you look at a sample of homes in the same zip code that all have cracks in their foundation, this might indicate that there is a bigger issue – like sinkhole activity. Analyzing the performance of insurance agents can also help you identify top performers and weed out those who might not bring value to your organization.

-- Using the data collected during property inspections and premium audits, the Analytics Group at Property and Casualty of the Southwest, Inc can help you review data identify trends that could impact your business.

Contact our sales department today to find out more about our analytics services.

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Here you will the answers to frequently asked questions about data analytics in the insurance industry. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please use the submission form to connect with a representative from our team.